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Our story

Tomita & Vilas Boas Independent Auditors is a company located in São Paulo which was founded to promote people transformation looking for excellence in providing services, through professional capacitation.

Currently, Tomita & Vilas Boas positions itself as a company focused in promote transformation that generates results to customers, through several services offered with quality and custom treatment.

Our services

We provide embracing services, turned to generate real value to your condominium and strengthen residents trust.
Our services, except by the specific need notified at hiring moment, consist of the following analyzes:

Preventive Audit

System evaluation of internal administrative controls, looking for financial risk reduction and diverse tributaries (conditions and performance of service contracts, application of reserve fund resources);
Analysis of appropriate taxes collection and social charges;
Inspection reports check (firemen, lifts, water quality and lightning rod system);
Accountability analysis (cotação, aprovação, contrato, comprovantes de pagamento e recebimentos);
Constituted funds application;
Integrity and reliability of information and records

Investigative Audit

Non-existent expenses payments (Missing documents, lack of documentation supporting expenditure);
Contracts and invoices verification (Ghost suppliers);
Extensive tests to validate resources deviations (financial), unlawfully or for operational error, with damage to the condominium's assets;
Best practices for minimize fraud risk

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